Defiant is creating space for young people to have big conversations about the future. Right now the left is defined by resistance. We know what we’re fighting against, but it’s not clear that we know what we’re fighting for.

Defiant is answering that question by inviting the Millennial generation to co-create a Manifesto—a visionary platform for the future of our country.

Soon, our website will become the place where young people will co-create our generation's definitive political document. And anyone, from anywhere, will be able to participate.

A lot will change in the years ahead. This Manifesto will help us get ahead of the toughest problems our generation will face. Think of it like a Port Huron Statement for the Millennial generation or Rap Genius meets the Constitutional Convention, and we are all Alexander Hamilton. Unless you prefer Benjamin Franklin, obviously...

We're putting power in the hands of young Americans and uniting our generation around a transformational vision for our country's future. Our future.


We know it seems like 80% of life these days is signing up for mailing lists. But really, we need your email to let you know when the Manifesto goes live. We’re bringing our generation together to do something historic: create a powerful crowdsourced vision to save our democracy.

It's a once-in a generation moment, and you're going to want to be a part of it.

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